You can fly to Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX).

We will arrange a pick-up from the airport to take you to our YWAM:CM campus.


We will help you through the visa application process and make sure you get the correct visa. Once you are accepted into your training through the application process, our school staff will help you with your visa.


You need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the finish of your training.

If you are a Thai citizen, you will still need a passport because our outreaches are international.

While you are attending your training, you will share a dormitory room with up to 3 other classmates. Your room will have two bathrooms and you will sleep in bunk-beds. If you are a married couple, you will get your own room with a queen bed and one washroom. There are also family rooms available if needed.

Housing and food expenses are included in your school fee.

The currency in Thailand is called baht. The exchange between USD and Thai baht is around 33:1.

You can look at the current exchange rate for your currency HERE. 

It is a good idea for you to bring some cash with you to Thailand. We will take you to exchange your money into Thai baht: You will need your passport in order to exchange cash. You can also use a debit card to withdraw cash at an ATM (make sure you check with your bank before coming that you can use your debit card internationally!)

We currently only accept cash payment for school fees (USD or THB). We will take you to exchange or withdraw money so that you can make your school payment. We do not accept bank transfers or credit cards at this time.

Refund policies for DTS are 90% during 1st week of classes, 80% during 2nd week of classes, 70% during 3rd week of classes, 60% during 4th week of classes 50% during 5th week of classes and 0% beyond 5th week of classes.

As all of our staff and students trust and rely on God for our finances we need to live and study, we are unable to provide discounts, financial assistance or scholarships because our current school costs are already as low as we can possibly make them. We firmly believe that God is our source of provision and believe in His faithfulness. We are privileged to stand alongside you in the place of prayer, partnership, and faith as we see the ways that God provides!

This will depend mostly on your spending habits. You can check HERE for current exchange rates for your currency.

Here’s a general list to give you an idea of prices for various things you may be interested in purchasing during your stay with us Chiang Mai (USD)

  • Prepaid sim card: $5-$20 every month.
  • Laundry Detergent: $2
  • Toiletries: $5-15
  • One way taxi fee: $2-$8+ (depending on where you’re going and how many people you share the taxi fare)
  • Meal out: $2+
  • Coffee at a coffee shop $1-4


There are free washing machines and dryers for you to use at our campus

You can go to this link to fill out our online application:

We also require two references from a previous or current leader, employer, or pastor. You can send your reference the form at the link above.

IMPORTANT: do not book airplane tickets until you have received your acceptance letter.

The lecture phase cost depends on which country you are from.

You can find your country’s cost at the bottom of this page (scroll down)

Country A: $2,490 USD

Country B: $1,590 USD

Country C: $990 USD

Outreach cost is announced early in the lecture phase because it is dependent on which country the outreach team will go to. The average outreach cost is $1,800-$2,200 USD.

Topics might change depending on the DTS, however here are some of the topics that are often taught:

  • Nature & character of God
  • Hearing Gods Voice
  • Biblical worldview
  • Freedom
  • Partnership with the Holy Spirit
  • Evangelism
  • Relationships
  • Repentance & Forgiveness
  • Prayer & Missions
  • Intimacy with God
  • The cross and the mission of God

Here are some of the elements you can expect in our DTS experience:

  • Personal devotional time
  • Daily lectures with teachers from all over the world
  • Training in your unique DTS focus
  • Bible studies
  • Small groups
  • Work duties
  • Outreach Preparation
  • One-on-one processing times with staff members
  • Local outreach
  • Community life
  • Free time to explore Chiang Mai

Those who teach are usually YWAM leaders found locally or abroad along with other experienced and influential speakers who carry rich experience and field-focused ministry.

Normally, we have 15-25 students in one school.


YWAM has many schools that you can attend after your DTS! In fact, YWAM has a university, University of the Nations, and you can work towards various degrees. At YWAM:CM, we offer a variety of unique training which can be explored at

You can visit to see a list of other trainings and locations.


After you finish your DTS, you can fill out a staff application for any YWAM base around the world, and we would personally love to have you join our community here at YWAM:CM!

We offer translation for many of our schools. Please contact student services ( to ask which translation is available for the DTS you are interested in.

Typically, our DTS’s are offered in English and Thai.


You cannot work during a DTS.


Outreach is required in order to complete your DTS experience and receive credits at the University of the Nations.

Your school leaders will pray over options for outreach locations, which will be directly connected to long-term and strategic goals in the field. Once they have been landed, these will be communicated to you early in the school. At the beginning of the DTS, your school staff will pray and seek God about who should be on which teams.  Some teams will serve in multiple locations on outreach and others may focus on one location for the whole 2-3 months.