Since 1993, Impact World has brought millions of young people face to face with relevant Truth in every corner of the globe. Acting as a catalyst for fervent prayer, unity, public proclamation of the Gospel, and personal discipleship, over 2000 regions have hosted Impact World in their schools, prisons, businesses, arenas, and public spaces; turning cities upside down.

Impact World is aimed at reaching the lost, targeting whole communities. It’s a call to local missions that cross denominational and generational boundaries, as young and old work together to see a generation hear the Gospel in their region; many for the first time.

Campaign events provide a platform for believers to introduce tens of thousands of their friends to the Good News of Jesus. Restoring the personal witness of every believer is vital to a changed nation. Every church is given the opportunity to engage with the local campaign. Thousands of local links are trained to connect with those giving their lives to the Lord, committing to discipling them and assisting as they become part of a local church. The benefits of unity, training, and the transforming power of the Gospel are long-lasting. Years later, groups of believers continue to meet and grow across the world in coffee shops, schools, homes and churches.

Bridges are built between city officials, school administrations, church leaders, and importantly, the business community. As groups work together, unity grows.

Time and again, amongst such relationships, prayer, and focus, 10-15% of an arena will respond publicly to the Word of God, and request long-term assistance to pursue a new life of hope with Christ.

Impact World is a catalyst for personal evangelism on a massive scale

Local ownership is everything. The strategy is built on you.

…Present His truth, and the message of redemption and transformation will take hold

– Ravi Zacharias

Our History:

Founded in 1993, Impact World was pioneered by Mark Anderson (President Call2All) as a new style of evangelistic ministry. Since then, Impact World has held evangelistic campaigns alongside the local churches in over 2000 cities, in 15 countries. In 2004, after 3 years of preparation, Impact World launched the first ever whole-nation evangelistic effort, across both major islands of New Zealand. This 12-week operation saw some 313,000 young people hear the Gospel, and over 26,000 respond to Christ.

Today, Impact World operates out of training locations in the USA, South America, South East Asia, Europe, and
the Caribbean.

In over two decades – literally, thousands of communities have benefitted from Impact World’s involvement through citywide prayer initiatives, Gospel training, and discipleship and follow-up assistance. When we as the body of Christ work together in unity, God commands His blessing.

Impact World made a measurable and sustainable difference in our community.

Al Caperna: CEO CMC Group – Bowling Green Ohio


Impact World operates as a trans-national ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). YWAM is a decentralized organization with a core leadership team, of which Mark Anderson (founder and director of Impact World) is a part. There are over 1600 full-time YWAM operating locations in 198 countries, with 25,000+ full-time missionaries serving outreaches in every nation of the earth, each year.