There is a big need for food in our community here in Thailand! Many people live on what they make every day, and now they have been unable to work for three weeks. So we are putting our money together and buying what we can to help our neighborhood during this time.

We are making emergency food packs with handwritten cards that share encouragement and the love of Jesus with them. We are using dry food so that it lasts longer, including rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, canned fish, instant noodle packets, milk boxes, and cookies.

Each ration costs $8 to make. (We have decided to increase the amount in each bag to help it last longer)

If you feel stirred to give towards this cause, our community would be very grateful! Every dollar helps! Click on this link to give to one of our leader’s PayPal accounts & we will use the money to make more food packs.

Blessings, & thank you for helping us meet this need!

The YWAM:CM Family