• About our Child Sponsorship Program

    We have a huge opportunity before us to bless and invest in the future of this nation in a unique way. We have a growing number of Thai children, ages 3-13 years old, that desperately need monthly financial sponsors to attend our Thai christian school up in northern Thailand. Many of these children come from very difficult situations and really have little hope in life. The villages they come from are extremely poor and they often finish schooling at 14 years of age to work in the fields, often getting married at this young age! We hear tragic stories about drug abuse, physical abuse in the homes, as well cases where babies are even human trafficked.

  • This truly is an incredible opportunity and privilege to invest in these children’s future by introducing them to Jesus and giving them a solid biblical worldview from a very young age.

    Our school is a christian school but actually many of these children and their families are not christian. Parents simply want their children to have a better education and therefore better opportunities in life than they had. Attending our school gives them hope for the future as they come to know Jesus and eternal life with Him. We believe this will not only change their personal lives but will effect their entire family and communities.

    We currently have 50 children that come from very poor hill tribe villages and are needing financial assistance to continue enrollment at our school. This sponsorship includes not only their education, but also daily transportation to and from their village. We are looking for sponsors to make this possible.

  • About our Children’s Home Sponsorship

    We currently have 7 beautiful children staying with us on a long term basis during the school year and we plan to have more children in the future. These children mostly come from very poor and unhealthy situations and our children’s home is a great opportunity for them to have a healthy and loving childhood. Sponsoring these children will help cover their daily food and housing cost as well as their education at our school.

Frequently Asked Questions

We were recently gifted a non-profit foundation with a large property in the hill-tribe region of northern Thailand. The location is incredibly strategic in that it is surrounded by many hill tribe villages. A Thai Christian woman started this work in 1972 and strongly felt the Lord prompting her to fully hand the ministry over to us in 2019. At the very heart of what we were given is a small children’s home and a christian school. The school itself was established in 2008 and has been running since then. We currently have 116 children from the surrounding villages at our school on a daily basis and look forward to seeing many more come.

After clicking on the child’s picture, you will be led to a form and we will connect with you on how to setup the sponsorship. We will also confirm who your child is and send you a physical picture of your child with their name and age.

Yes, our hope is that we can provide this opportunity for many more children in the future. The more children that are sponsored, the more opportunity there will be for us to enroll more children in need.

Yes, all donations are being processed through our sister base, YWAMKC, in the United States and are tax-deductible for United States citizens.

The duration that a sponsor supports a child is entirely up to you as the sponsor. We do ask that each sponsor initially commits to sponsoring their child for one-year. Our long-term goal is to see these children effectively discipled through our school for many years and our hope would be that we can line each child up with a long-term sponsor.

A Sponsor’s monthly donations go toward transportation to and from their villages on a daily basis and also expenses for the school itself, such as the develop of our various programs (sports, language) and our christian curriculum. Our aim is to provide an excellent education for these children in a safe and healthy schooling environment. Your monthly sponsorship donations are pooled for maximum effectiveness. This means that instead of giving direct cash benefits to one child, you join forces with other sponsors to fund these educational programs that benefit your sponsored child.

We will make sure to send you pictures and stories from your child. With the sponsors permission of course, we would like the children to know their sponsors name and have a picture of their sponsor. Our desire with this is that this is a highly relationship-based sponsorship program and we encourage communication between the children and their sponsors. The children will write two letters per year to their personal sponsor. Our team in Thailand will make sure that communications are translated and passed on in a timely manner. Due to shipping costs and time, communications will be done electronically through email. We will scan original written letters (or drawings) from the child, translate them, and send them directly to the sponsor along with an updated picture of the child.

The answer is a definite yes! We would love for sponsors to come and visit our work here and meet these children who God is entrusting to us. There will be 2 times every year when we will host the child sponsors to come visit our ministry and the children.

No, each child will be sponsored by one sponsor. Once confirmed that a child is being sponsored they will be taken off of our list of sponsorship needs.

Seeing the opportunity before us, we are planning to further develop our property and grow the school (currently K-6th grade) to include K-12th grade so that we can educate and disciple these children through to university. Developing our property and facilities will also increase our capacity to give more children this opportunity of hope.