All Nations Music, a YWAM:CM ministry, was birthed from the All Nations House of Prayer in 2019 as a response to Gods clear leading to help meet a big need that many indigenous worship movements face today.

We have been building significant and impactful relationships with indigenous worship & prayer communities throughout the nations since 2015, providing training, resources, and encouragement.  We believe that it is incredibly powerful when people are able to worship God by singing worship songs that were written in their own heart language by their own inspired songwriters, so a big part of our trainings involve empowering and equipping a people groups own worship leaders to become songwriters who write new songs that are filled with the knowledge of God and His heart.  This is a powerful discipleship tool for the church in those people groups, because when music is combined with truth, it connects truth to the heart.  We believe it is a significant indicator that a people group has a vibrant worship expression when that people group is writing new worship songs that share fresh revelation of God with the church.

We have begun to see hundreds of indigenous worship songs being written as a result of our trainings & relationships!  We realised quickly however that it is often financially impossible for these worship movements to capture & record these songs, making it difficult for them to spread throughout the church and be incorporated into worship services. This hits at the heart of why we originally pioneered All Nations Music; so that we can help meet this need by recording and sharing these powerful songs!


All Nations Music is a professional recording studio, artist label, & music publishing company.   Our community consists of producers, sound engineers, artists, songwriters, composers, singers, & musicians from many people groups.  We record, mix, master, distribute, & publish new songs throughout the nations, making it possible for these songs to have greater impact & saturation throughout their area of influence. We also collect money that is being earned through song sales & streaming services, making sure that it gets back to the indigenous worship communities, which helps provide financial support for them as they continue to make music and fuel their worship movements!  Although we are a music company, All Nations Music was created and is operated by self-supported missionaries and worship artists who do not receive any salaries from the business: This means that all income that All Nations Music receives is re-invested 100% into fueling and serving indigenous worship movements throughout the nations.


We desire to one day see a thriving indigenous worship movement within every people group on the planet!

New indigenous worship songs written from one of our regional trainings